What Are Waist Trainers?

Waist training is a new take on an old concept. Traditionally, corsets were used to reduce the appearance of a women’s waist. Most popular during the Victorian times (but going back as far as the 1500’s), women would wear their corsets daily. The steel boned ribbing would force internal organs to shift inside the body by pulling in a woman’s floating ribs and giving the appearance of an hourglass figure. Some women wore their corsets for such a great length of time they caused their bodies to deform.

Today waist cinchers and steel boned corsets are making a huge comeback. Women have discovered that latex waist cinchers can be used during workout routines to “tame” the belly. It should be noted that there is a key difference between the two types and should be understood before deciding to engage in any waist training.

What is a Waist Cincher?

Waist cinchers are designed to specifically target the abdomen. Designed to wear beneath clothing, it will take off an inch or two giving a slimmer appearance. The majority of cinchers are composed of nylon and latex or Spandex. Some even include plastic boning for added support.

What is a Corset?

Steel boned corsets are a different thing entirely. Made of strong flexible fabric, steel boned corsets are build with flexible steel rods within the fabric. This gives you the strength you need to really accentuate your curves. Steel boned corsets will generally take about 3″-6″ off of your waistline. Although these corsets can reshape your body over time you have to be careful not to wear them too tightly or risk organ damage. It should also be especially noted that these types of corsets are not recommended for wearing for exercise as they can lead to personal injury. They can be worn beneath clothing or outside for a bolder appearance. Some corsets involve using string to tighten and secure the midsection while others use hooks. Today’s steel boned corsets are much easier to put on by oneself than those from the past but they should not be worn too frequently and not for long periods if you’re new to wearing corsets.

Waist Training is Completely Safe

Unlike facing surgery and having to follow a special diet, waist training is far less dangerous because there is no surgical procedure involved and you won’t have to give up your favorite foods. Because it is a corset, it will discourage you from overeating. This is a great way to help you lose weight in a natural way. Of course, waist clinchers only redistribute weight. They don’t take any off your waist, so diet and exercise is a must if you want to shed some pounds.

Waist cinchers are much safer to use during exercise because they lack the steel rods traditional corsets use so your body has more room to move. It’s no different than wearing heeled shoes to exercise with so as long as you’re careful and do the right exercises with the right sized corset you’ll be just fine.